The Friends Purpose:

• To promote community pride for the Library

• To promote increased knowledge and understanding of services and needs

• To enhance the Library's environment

• To foster support for the Library through programs and events

• To enhance the Library visitor experience


Some of the Donations given to the Library include:


Childrens Section Furniture, Hundreds of Programs, Author Visits, Family Nights, Talent Shows, Book, books, and more books, Computer software, Computers, Library Signage, Fish Tank, Hand Painted Murals, Poster Machine

By The Numbers

July 1993 through June 2017


53 years - Age of Organization

$5,537,466.00 - Total value of contribution to library


250,775 - Friends volunteer hours for the Library valued at

$4,082,105 - based on Independent Sector web site.


60 - Average number of active volunteers

$1,018,838 - Value of books given to Library for the Library Collection, based on a value provided by the Library

$481,460 - Value of major gifts given to library


95 - Number of Life Memberships

$356,692 - Given to Library via Adopt-A-Book


$214,697 - Given to support Children's Programs

$113,933 - Given in support of Adult and Young Adult Programs

$31,278 - Given for Heritage Room Program and Exhibits

$10,000 - Bookshop Income total for the first year of operation 1993-1994

$88,437 - Bookshop and Internet Income 2016-2017


Ways to contact/find us:

951 279-6604




"A good library is a place where the lofty spirits of all nations and generations meet."  Samuel Niger




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