Would You Like to be a Friend's of the CPL Volunteer?

The Friends of the Corona Public Library is composed entirely of volunteers from the community.  If you would like to become a volunteer for the Friends, you must first attend a general Volunteer Orientation meeting for the Corona Public Library.  These meetings are scheduled through the library’s Administration office.


There are a variety of volunteer positions for the Friends of the Library.  You may want to work at the desk in the BookShop selling books or behind the scenes sorting, pricing or stocking the shelves.  The Board of Directors for the Friends is also composed of volunteers, and there are several important committees that would welcome the talents of volunteers as well.  After general orientation and acceptance by the City of Corona, your area of interest will be addressed by the BookStore Operations Committee which will then provide specific orientation accordingly.


The Friends of the CPL look forward to hearing from you.

"A good library is a place where the lofty spirits of all nations and generations meet."  Samuel Niger




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